Welcome To Bangladesh Karate Federation


Karate is the most popular game in Bangladesh, though it is a Japanese games. In every district, sub-district has karate training center. Beside this, about hundred of clubs are to train karate and this clubs has applied for federal registration.

They are given registration by investigation. Every year Bangladesh Karate Federation organize Championship like National Karate Championship along with Federation cup, Junior & Senior Club Karate Championship, Victory Day Karate Championship and Independent Day Karate Championship. Boys and Girls both are equally perticipate in all games. Beside this, Bangladesh Karate Federation organize Women Karate Championship separately for women. National Children's Karate Championship also organize separately. With the guidance of Bangladesh Karate Federation provide karate training in National Sports Council,Purana Paltan Dhaka and Shahid Sohrawardi Indoor Stadium, mirpur, dhaka through the year.

Many districts undertake the training programe by subordinating Bangladesh Karate Federation. Regular practice ends up with exams and que and dan giving programe. By selecting players from various competetion a national team is formed to perticipate in Internationaf Karate Championship. The exciting thing is, Bangladesh Karate Team has earnd glory to be a Champion in llth South Asian Games with 4 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medal. Federation is trying to give their best to the next games. They are giving their efforts to do better in Asian Games, Asian Karate Federation Championship, World Karate Championship and 2020 Japan Olympic Also.The newly elected executive committee are giving their full efforts to develop karate in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Karate Federation is seeking ever/ones help and contribution to develop karate in Bangladesh.