Welcome To Bangladesh Karate Federation


As a General Secretary of Bangladesh Karate Federation. I cordialy convey my great thanks to all ofmy associates, Bangladesh Karate Fedeeration members, all teams, officials and all of, who are associates in connection with this gala programme. 1st Junior National Karate Championships which will ve held on 27-30 March 2011.

After took over my responsibility as a General secretary of Bangladesh Karate Federation, I observed various likage in federation activities, including financial areana also, which consider the hurt of all of activities. I have already daken variaous step to create remankable instance to promote karate. I already inform my plan and activites to our helping body like National Sports Council (NSC) and Asian karate Federation (AKF) who would be assist our activities.

At my short period of time we organize a succesful karate kata championships at 23th December 2010 and we also partieipate at Asian Games Guangzhou 2010 with our best performance which alreadyh appreciated ato all of our delegates. I made a successful scope to our karateka to practice at Malaysia and Singapre. I think to promote karate there is no other alternative way to make exchange games. I hope we would able to make number of exchange game to build up our karate image as international standard. We every one know that Bangladesh Karate Federation already woned 4th Gold medals in the past 11th SA Games. I hope infuture we able to keep these cotinution with the help of our assist body. I hope this chmpionshop would be a remarkable and memorable one, of our karate. I also hope from all of my associaties would help me in the way............Amin